Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beeyoutiful YOU-tiful!

“Take two Aspirin, and call me in the morning.” Does anyone even own a bottle of Asprin anymore? (OK, one they have actually removed the foil thingy from? And the cotton?) Remedies have changed over the years evolving from basic Aspirin, to very long words pronounced correctly only with practice (can you say, “Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen” three times fast?).

Still, these medications only mask the symptoms, and basically are toxic to the body although they have some beneficial side-effects (such as pain relief). I am not completely knocking them, and I am not without the need for them at times. But, I want to avoid dependance on them, all the same.
One thing I have had even less need of over the last dozen or so years, is a doctor. I am not knocking them either; praise God for wise and talented doctors! We have gone to the doctor for the occasional emergency (stitches, broken bones) but never for a cold, sore throat, sinus infection etc. (with the exception of strep throat or an ear infection I didn’t manage to catch in time). I am certainly willing to go if needed, but my first line of defense is always natural products that spur on our bodies own healing! 
One company that I have turned to as a source for natural treatment, and have the privilege of reviewing now as a member of the TOS Crew is: Beeyoutiful. They recently sent me a free bottle of their Berry Well Syrup to try, along with their extremely informative catalog.
Although I was excited to receive the Berry Well Syrup, I was a bit perplexed at how to go about doing the review. It is not a daily supplement; rather, it is taken when ill with the flu, cold or a viral infection. Thankfully, we are not often under the weather. So, it was most convenient when my husband (who never gets sick!) and oldest daughter came down with some sort of cough, sore throat, shnocked-up yuck the very next day!
After I thanked them for donating their bodies to science, I got out the Berry Well Syrup, along with the usuals, (garlic, echinacea, Vitamin C, Airborn), and began their treatment plan. Second problem: hard to know for sure how that syrup is working with all of the other supplements. However, I will say they recovered in about 1 1/2 - 2 days, rather than the usual 3 -4 days, so that could be attributed to the Berry Well Syrup, though I have no way to prove that. It didn’t seem right to withhold the other things for the sake of a blog review.
Ultimately, what I want you to take away from this review is the inkling that you can treat most of the common illnesses yourself. God has gifted the earth with so many helpful herbs and other healing foods that equip your body to sustain itself. It is shameful how little modern science has recognized this fact, but there is really no excuse for us to remain ignorant! With the internet at our fingertips and prayerful guidance as we take baby-steps to reclaim our health (beginning with our diet!), everyone can at least improve their quality of life... let alone enjoy being (almost) doctor-visit-free for 12 years!
The Beeyoutiful family knows and believes this concept as well. They are an excellent source of quality products that stimulate your bodies supply of healing properties. From daily supplements for prostate health or pregnancy, to cleanses for ridding yeast from your body, Beeyoutiful has an abundance of fresh, natural products for preventing illness and treating your family at home. And their website and catalog is full of articles, tips and recipes to get you moving in a healthy direction. I was especially excited to see articles in their Winter 2010 catalog on sprouting grain and baking with the two-stage fermentation process. 
But, since this is specifically a review for the Berry Well Syrup, let me tell you a bit more about this special substance! First of all, it is fairly high on the “yum” scale, as far as medicines go. I mean, you wouldn’t want to guzzle it or pour it on pancakes, but it is taste bud friendly and your children should willingly swallow a spoonful. 
Made with elderberries, raw honey, bee propolis, Echinacea root extract and raw apple cider vinegar, this is a power-packed bottle of purple goo! It is full of anti-viral powers and immune system enhancers (that’s the elderberries). Also it gives “a rich supply of live enzymes” (thanks to the raw honey), and natural antibiotics (courtesy of bee propolis and Echinacea root). Top it all off with raw apple cider vinegar to increase your bodies alkalinity (cancer fighting) and give potassium to cells to fight back against the bad bacteria, and you have an intensely potent arsenal defending your body!
Berry Well syrup is one of Beeyoutiful’s best sellers. It sells for $18 per bottle, which is WAY cheaper than a trip to the doctor! Check out all of the natural products and helpful articles, designed with your health in mind, by clicking here. Start taking steps over the summer to stock up on body strengthening supplements and treatments before flu season hits next fall!

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At the Intersection of Creation and Evolution: A Dream

The alliterating story below is based on a dream I had several years ago. Please contact me for permission to reproduce.

Darkness devours me.

I am enveloped in emptiness.

Are my eyes open or are they closed? I strain against this shroud of night and still see nothing.

What is this place?

An image illuminates in front of me. A large, leafy tree streaks past and vanishes.

It deserts me to the darkness again.

In a moment, more images appear. A rapid succession of snapshots and thoughts clamor before my eyes and mingle in my mind.

I see seedlings. Several supple shoots have emerged before me and then swiftly stream away.

“The first trees on earth were not seedlings”, my mind observes. “They were not created as small insignificant saplings.”

That thought is rapidly replaced with a vision of a man.

He’s maybe 30; he is muscular and needs to shave.

He fades away.

In his place I see an infant.

A tiny bundle of pink skin upon a soft blanket flickers briefly in my brain.

“Man was created with age,” is the next statement I hear. “Adam did not begin his life as a baby, he began as a grown man.”

The voice seems like my own.

The thoughts do not.

Reeling before me now is a blur of rivers, forests, mountains and even layers of the earth. It is like a movie rushing rapidly before my retina.

The soundtrack of this epic is proclaiming a peculiarly plain concept:

“The earth was created with age. Creation and evolution are not in total opposition. There is a reason that science finds the earth to be quite old: it was made that way.”

Thoughts continue to tumble through my mind; pictures parade before me. I listen in amazement to what seems to be puzzlingly profound and yet rather apparent all at once.

“Adam was created as an adult. Trees and plants were made fully grown.”

I suddenly feel quite certain that, if I were to chop down some of the trees that had been spoken into existence, I would find a range of rings running through their trunks.

“The earth was brought to life with age built into it… just like Adam. He did not begin life as an infant. The earth came into being with what it would need to sustain the life that was created. It was old when it was young. The world was
made with maturity; it was also produced with purpose.”

These thoughts are thrilling. Why had I not seen this before? It seems so simple. Obtusely obvious. Had others not observed this correlation? If they had, why wasn’t it being candidly conveyed?

In the span of thirty seconds I have been ravaged by a radical revelation. I feel the weight of its worth resting on me; it is tantamount to tangible.

I am neither a theologian nor am I a scientist. I don’t claim that the ethics of evolution are completely compatible with the Bible’s account of creation. But certainly Science can come concurrent to creation and affirm our faith with facts.

Of course, the Omnipotent Originator of the Universe is exceedingly elusive to what our mind could ever envision. Above what science could ever extensively elucidate.

Accordingly, creation is confounding too. Each diverse discovery deems it more marvelous to grasp. Many scientists have reluctantly relented to the theory of Intelligent Design.

That’s why, alongside those facts, we also need faith.

Lying inexplicably at the intersection of those two essential elements is an exceptional endowment: the intermittent insight of our dreams.