Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indulge Me

With my 40th birthday looming large on the horizon, you'll have to indulge me and allow me to dream a bit.

I am the type of person that tends to work best under pressure. My house is much more thoroughly cleaned when company is coming, I scrapbooked my oldest daughters entire life two weeks before her graduation since I had barely even put photos in an album prior to that point and I tend to put my makeup on right before my husband is due home. Can anyone relate? OK, even a little?

Turning 30 was rather traumatic for me. I am not sure why other than that it seemed to sound so old compared to being in my 20's. Sounded so officially grown up. Maybe I was just too vain to embrace the idea.

Turning 40, on the other hand, seems like crunch time for any dreams and visions I've ever longed to accomplish. My life is, technically, half over and I need to get moving now if I am ever to reach these goals.

I am also in such a wonderful place as a parent that there seems to be a slew of possiblities out there waiting to be tackled! I only have two that I am homeschooling, one going off into missions and another in a great special education program in our local school (yes, there are still some of those programs out there!). So, I feel like a kid in a candy store and I even have a great cheering section, headed up by my man, telling me to go after my dreams! How blessed can one woman get? I can't waste this time wondering "what if." No way!

So, I am looking at 40 with hungry and passionate eyes, with great expectations! Tomorrow I check out classes in a local college, I am working on some great stories and a novel, and I want to really pursue dancing while I am still able! We just found a really solid and wonderful church home and I know that the Lord has many spiritual things to do through these physical possibilities. It seems like a time of new growth in so many ways.

I am certain none of these things are as exciting for you to read about as it is for me to just ponder. Repetitively.

Sorry. Thanks for briefly indulging me.

I just know that the Lord has a bunch of assignments up on the board and they suddenly all seem to have my name on them! I am really excited about the adventures that await in my next 40 years. I wonder if I will still be blogging when I am 80? Hope so!

Let's all grow old together.

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At the Intersection of Creation and Evolution: A Dream

The alliterating story below is based on a dream I had several years ago. Please contact me for permission to reproduce.

Darkness devours me.

I am enveloped in emptiness.

Are my eyes open or are they closed? I strain against this shroud of night and still see nothing.

What is this place?

An image illuminates in front of me. A large, leafy tree streaks past and vanishes.

It deserts me to the darkness again.

In a moment, more images appear. A rapid succession of snapshots and thoughts clamor before my eyes and mingle in my mind.

I see seedlings. Several supple shoots have emerged before me and then swiftly stream away.

“The first trees on earth were not seedlings”, my mind observes. “They were not created as small insignificant saplings.”

That thought is rapidly replaced with a vision of a man.

He’s maybe 30; he is muscular and needs to shave.

He fades away.

In his place I see an infant.

A tiny bundle of pink skin upon a soft blanket flickers briefly in my brain.

“Man was created with age,” is the next statement I hear. “Adam did not begin his life as a baby, he began as a grown man.”

The voice seems like my own.

The thoughts do not.

Reeling before me now is a blur of rivers, forests, mountains and even layers of the earth. It is like a movie rushing rapidly before my retina.

The soundtrack of this epic is proclaiming a peculiarly plain concept:

“The earth was created with age. Creation and evolution are not in total opposition. There is a reason that science finds the earth to be quite old: it was made that way.”

Thoughts continue to tumble through my mind; pictures parade before me. I listen in amazement to what seems to be puzzlingly profound and yet rather apparent all at once.

“Adam was created as an adult. Trees and plants were made fully grown.”

I suddenly feel quite certain that, if I were to chop down some of the trees that had been spoken into existence, I would find a range of rings running through their trunks.

“The earth was brought to life with age built into it… just like Adam. He did not begin life as an infant. The earth came into being with what it would need to sustain the life that was created. It was old when it was young. The world was
made with maturity; it was also produced with purpose.”

These thoughts are thrilling. Why had I not seen this before? It seems so simple. Obtusely obvious. Had others not observed this correlation? If they had, why wasn’t it being candidly conveyed?

In the span of thirty seconds I have been ravaged by a radical revelation. I feel the weight of its worth resting on me; it is tantamount to tangible.

I am neither a theologian nor am I a scientist. I don’t claim that the ethics of evolution are completely compatible with the Bible’s account of creation. But certainly Science can come concurrent to creation and affirm our faith with facts.

Of course, the Omnipotent Originator of the Universe is exceedingly elusive to what our mind could ever envision. Above what science could ever extensively elucidate.

Accordingly, creation is confounding too. Each diverse discovery deems it more marvelous to grasp. Many scientists have reluctantly relented to the theory of Intelligent Design.

That’s why, alongside those facts, we also need faith.

Lying inexplicably at the intersection of those two essential elements is an exceptional endowment: the intermittent insight of our dreams.